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My name is Saria Anafel Abubo Dy, and I'm the lady behind RUE ANAFEL. 

RUE ANAFEL is my attempt to bringing flowers into our every day lives. i seek to explore and practice materializing the natural world into an art and to connect with the rhythm of seasons. rue anafel is a way for me to challenge myself and others to find beauty everywhere, as wild, classic, or unconventional as it may be.

Anafel is the second half of my first name. Ana is from mother's mother's name, Anastacia, and Fel is from my father's mother's name, Ofelia. I like to think of my practice of floral design as a dedication and owning to a feminine art form, and an homage to my matrilineal ancestry line.

When I was little my mother told me that when she lived in Paris as a young woman, every week she would buy flowers from an open air market to put in her small apartment. The idea has resonated with me throughout the years.  Like ceremony, it brings appreciation and love to small nuances. To me, it is a true practice of intentional living and meditation.