Hello! My name is Saria Anafel Abubo Dy, and I'm the founder, CEO, and creative director of RUE ANAFEL. My first name is pronounced suh-ree-uh, like Maria with an S. Anafel is pronounced anna-fell. and, my last name is pronounced dee. 

I began my journey with floral design years ago, and it started from a fascination with the work of Constance Spry. Before starting R/A, I worked as a freelance floral designer for different studios around town.

In university, I studied sociology and women's studies, both topics that focus on examining our current social system to move towards social justice and social change for the elimination of oppression and process of reconnecting to our authentic selves (aka freedom). As my brain has been trained to look at the world through this avenue, much of my personal and business standing is built upon feminism.

Thank you for taking the time to stop and read a bit about me! If you'd like to contact me, jump over to our contact page or simply send a message to saria@rueanafel.com

RUE ANAFEL is my attempt to bringing flowers into special moments and our every day lives. i seek to explore and practice the blending of the natural world and art and to connect with the rhythm of seasons. rue anafel is built on the ethos of feminism, as a way to challenge myself and others to find beauty everywhere, as wild, classic, or unconventional as it may be.

Rue is street in french, a notion towards my love of French culture and aesthetic. Anafel is the second half of my first name. Ana is from mother's mother's name, Anastacia, and Fel is from my father's mother's name, Ofelia. I like to think of my practice of floral design as a dedication and owning to a feminine art form, and an homage to my matrilineal ancestry line.

I am very much inspired by the beauty and feel of European villages and countryside. I pull from the ethereal, yet persevering being of nature. I live and work with being mindful of observing quiet and intentional moments. I try to create the feel and aesthetic of the old world and classic beauty. 

When I was little my mother told me that when she lived in Paris as a young woman, every week she would buy flowers from an open air market to put in her small apartment. The idea has always enchanted me. I appreciate and adore the idea of taking time and attention to making it a point to have a natural beauty, such as flowers, be a part of every day life. Like ceremony, it brings appreciation and love to small nuances. It is a true practice of slow living.