What floral services do you provide?

If you can dream it up, we can make it happen. At RUE ANAFEL, we have designed flowers for pop-ups, events, weddings, personal dinners, photoshoots, deliveries, open houses, and many other things. We have shipped dried bouquets to vendors to stock at their pop-ups in other states, as well as for brides to gift to their maids.

how would you describe your style?

Although we tend to be inspired by old, Dutch Master styles, we are able to branch out as well. Generally, our style is natural and wild. We always incorporate foraged materials for a feel of the season and how a habitat from a specific region would naturally look. Our goal is to recreate a garden or landscape, capture all that is encompassed within it. Not just the flora, but the branches, foliage, depth, and color. 


At RUE ANAFEL, we try our best to work with locally grown, seasonal, and fair trade products. We use both fresh and dried flora and foliage in our designs. We strive to utilize the natural beauty of nature, so you won't find us spray painting branches or glittering fruit.


Yes! We have flowered weddings out of state and internationally. 

What is the best way to schedule a consultation?

If you click over the contact section in our navigation and fill out the form, a message will be sent to our email inbox. We will find a way to schedule your consultation conveniently and as quickly as possible! We are happy to handle the consultation via email if you are out of town or prefer it that way. We have worked with brides in other countries as well as states via e-mail prior to flying out the week before the wedding.

What should we bring to our first consultation?

Within the e-mail, hopefully we'll have answered the questions where, when, what your colors are, and what theme or feeling you're envisioning. You should bring items that will give us an idea of your personal preferences and feel for your event. Some examples might be: a photo of your attire, color and fabric swatches of your linens, any pictures you have seen that you like, and any items you intend to use at your event. We also need to know the number of people in your bridal party (if it is a wedding), number of guests expected to attend and your budget. I'll ask questions such as how you would like to bouquets and bouts wrapped, what your table layout will be like, and set up start and deadlines. If you get this information to us a few days before of our consultation, we can prepare a design board for the meeting.

What are your prices?

Our full floral contract is completely customized for each person. it includes:

  • A 1 to 2-hour In-Person Design Consultation, we can meet either in the R/A studio or at a convenient public space.
  • Creation of a Detail Proposal within 1-2 weeks of our consultation.
  • 2 Revisions to the Detail Proposal to narrow down selections and finalize the design.
  • Creation of a Fixed Fee Floral Design Contract. that includes flowers and decor for the ceremony and reception, event and personal flowers (such as bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, floral crowns, hair flowers, and flower girl designs), Deliver and set-up. We can also include breakdown charges.
  • Final updates to Floral Design Contract one month prior to wedding or event.

We do charge an Hourly Rate of $75 per hour, one hour minimum, for anything not included on the above list, including extra consultations or extra revisions to the Floral Design Contract customized for each individual client.

We do not typically include mock-ups or breakdowns in Full Floral Contracts but will upon request.

Do you charge for consultations?

Our first consultation is complimentary. If additional meetings are needed before you book us, then we do charge an hourly rate of $75, one hour minimum. Once you book your event with us, we are delighted to meet with you a couple more times either in our studio or at your venue. 

What do you require to secure our date and book with you?

When you are satisfied with the proposal, An initial non-refundable retainer of 20% of your contract price will secure your date and book your event with us. The remaining 80% is due 3 weeks before your event. Payment can be made in cash, money order, or via PayPal, Venmo or the Square Cash App.