RUE ANAFEL is a Portland, Oregon based floral design studio that provides flowers for weddings, events, styled shoots, weekly restaurant and office subscriptions, and personal flower deliveries in Portland, Oregon and beyond. We specialize in romantic, wild, and vintage inspired design and styling. Our goal is to harmonize with the natural world and make a connection to the beauty of the seasons into our everyday lives and special occasions. We have a vision that is rooted from a meditative state of nostalgia, and we admire the aesthetic of the old world. At R/A, we work to create a materialized realm of yesteryear. We try our best to source flowers that are sustainable, fair trade, seasonal, and locally grown. To get in touch with us, click over to our contact page. To take a piece of us home, click over to our shop. To get to know us more, click "hello". Thanking for visiting our corner of the world!

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